The Get Political Campaign Statement is endorsed by:

Alex Callinicos, editor, International Socialism
China Miéville, author, The City and the CityEmbassytown; etc.
Immanuel Ness, editor, Working USA, and The Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest
Ken Loach, film-maker
Gopal Balakrishnan, ed. board, New Left Review
Dominic Alexander, book review editor, Counterfire
Brian Jones, actor (‘Marx in Soho’), teacher, activist
Mark Abel, Lecturer, School of Humanities, University of Brighton
Kieran Allen, author, Marx and the Alternative to Capitalism
Ian Angus, editor, Climate and Capitalism
Alexander Anievas, ed. board, Historical Materialism; editor, Marxism and World Politics
Patrick Bond, Director, Centre for Civil Society (South Africa); author, Looting Africa: The Economics of Exploitation
Paul Buhle, co-editor, Encyclopedia of the American Left
Kunal Chattopadhyay, Prof. of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University
Terry Conway, Socialist Resistance; ed. board, International Viewpoint
Ted Crawford, ed. board, Revolutionary History
Neil Davidson, ed. board, International Socialism; author, The Origins of Scottish Nationhood
Steve Edwards, ed board, Historical Materialism
Neil Faulkner, Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Des Freedman, co-editor, The Assault on the Universities
Phil Gasper, ed. board, International Socialist Review
Lindsey German, author, Sex, Class and Socialism
Jane Hardy, Prof. of Political Economy, Univ. of Hertfordshire, author, Poland’s New Capitalism
Al Hart, Managing Editor, UE News (United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America)
Tom Hickey, Lecturer, Phil. and Pol. Economy, Univ. of Brighton; author, Democracy: the Long Revolution
Dave Hill,Prof./Visiting Prof. of Education at Universities of Middlesex (England), Limerick (Ireland), Athens (Greece)
Andy Kilmister, editor Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe
Stathis Kouvelakis, author, Philosophy and Revolution
Costas Lapavitsas, Prof. of Economics, School of African & Oriental Studies, Univ. of London
Paul Le Blanc, author, A Short History of the US Working Class
Esther Leslie, Prof. in Political Aesthetics, Birkbeck University
John Lister, Sr. Lecturer, Health Journalism, Coventry University
Michael Löwy, author, Theory of Revolution in the Young Marx; The Marxism of Che Guevara
Soma Marik, author, Reinterrogating the Classical Marxist Discourses of Revolutionary Democracy
Bryan Palmer, author, James P. Cannon and the American Revolutionary Left
William A. Pelz, Director, Institute of Working Class History
Shalini Puri, Director of Literature, Univ. of Pittsburgh; author, The Post-Colonial Caribbean
John Rees, ed. board, Counterfire; author, The Algebra of Revolution
John Riddell, editor, of multi-volume documentary, The Communist International in Lenin’s Time
Ingo Schmidt, Academic Coordinator, Labour StudiesAthabasca University (Canada)
Helen C. Scott, Prof. of English, University of Vermont
George Shriver, writer & translator
Kostas Skordoulis, Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Athens; OKDE–Spartakos
Sharon Smith, author, Subterranean Fire
Bhaskar Sunkara, Editor, Jacobin
Peter Thomas, ed. board, Historical Materialism; author, The Gramscian Moment
Alan Thornett, veteran trade union activist; author, Militant Years: car workers’ struggles in Britain in the 60s and 70s
Terry Townsend, Editor, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal
Achin Vaniak, Prof. of Political Science, Delhi University; author, Globalization and South Asia
Alan Wald, ed. board, Against the Current
Victor Wallis, managing editor, Socialism and Democracy
Susan Weissman, ed. board, Critique; author, Victor Serge: The Course is Set on Hope
Michael Yates, assoc. editor, Monthly Review; editorial director, Monthly Review Press