The Get Political Series

The Get Political series is a response to the unconvincing and desperate rhetoric from politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. As the crisis of neoliberalism develops, the established order becomes ever more helpless to improve things.

These books are for people who want to learn about and construct real alternatives to unrestrained capitalism and the selfish individualism it encourages. The series invites a return to classic revolutionary thinkers and texts, which have inspired and continue to inspire radicals worldwide.

The selection is consciously eclectic, covering postcolonial theory, history and theatre as well as what would normally be termed ‘politics’. However, the works are unified by rejections of the status quo so convincing that they inspire not only agreement, but further reading and meaningful political action.

Leon Trotsky

Writings in Exile

Leon Trotsky, edited by Kunal Chattopadhyay and Paul Le Blanc

“Leon Trotsky stands as a shining beacon amid the revolutionary events of our epoch. Out of the vast ideological arsenal he produced, Trotsky always considered that his most important works were those from his years in exile, which remain essential reading for those seeking to bring about fundamental change today. Kunal Chattopadhyay and Paul Le Blanc have done a great service in helping to make available, in a single volume, these texts to new generations of revolutionary activists.” – Esteban Volkow, Grandson of Leon Trotsky and President of the Board, Leon Trotsky House Museum, Coyoacan, Mexico

“This bracing book provides theoretical nourishment for our times, just as millions take to the streets worldwide demanding a just economic system. Leon Trotsky hit the world stage as President of the St. Petersburg Soviet in the 1905 Russian Revolution. … Trotsky continues to educate and inspire, his flame refuses to be extinguished.” – Suzi Weissman, Professor of Politics, Saint Mary’s College of California

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Rosa Luxemburg: Socialism or Barbarism

Selected Writings

Rosa Luxemburg, edited by Paul Le Blanc and Helen C. Scott

The best introduction to the range of Rosa Luxemburg’s thought, including a number of writings never before anthologised.

“Rosa Luxemburg has never been more relevant! Here, at last, in a single volume is an accessible introduction to one of the most important radical political thinkers of the 20th century with analysis and insight for a new generation of activist.” – Elaine Bernard, Executive Director of the Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School

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Revolution, Democracy, Socialism

Selected Writings of V.I. Lenin

V. I. Lenin, edited by Paul Le Blanc

The first serious collection of Lenin’s writings for decades. Editor Paul Le Blanc argues that Lenin was committed to democracy.

“We desperately need the resurrection and revival of the kind of strategic thinking and principled commitment that Lenin epitomised in the era of 1917, and all that it promised. For those interested in this rebirth of the politics of alternative to capitalism, Paul Le Blanc’s account of the democratic, socialist, and revolutionary Lenin will prove indispensable. Reading it is a reminder that what is, need not be, and that what has, seemingly, failed, can be reconstituted anew.” – Professor Bryan Palmer, Trent University

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The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Introduction by David Harvey

Beautiful edition of Marx and Engels’ classic manifesto, introduced by renowned social theorist David Harvey.

“The greatest charter of our movement.” – Rosa Luxemburg

“An integral and systematic exposition of [Marx's] doctrine … the best to this day.” – Lenin

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Change the World Without Taking Power – New Edition

The Meaning of Revolution Today

John Holloway

New edition of John Holloway’s contemporary classic fusion of political philosophy and activism, including an extensive new preface by the author.

“Holloway’s Change the World Without Taking Power stands alongside Hardt and Negri’s Empire as one of the two key texts of contemporary autonomist Marxism.” – Alex Callinicos, Capital & Class

“This is a refreshing, thought provoking book … A must read for every student and practitioner of political science.” – USI Journal

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Black Skin, White Masks – New Edition

Frantz Fanon. Forewords by Homi K. Bhabha and Ziauddin Sardar

A devastating account of the feelings of inadequacy experienced by previously colonised people in a white world.

“One feels a brilliant, vivid and hurt mind walking the thin line that separates effective outrage from despair.” – New York Times

“A strange, haunting melange of existential analysis, revolutionary manifesto, metaphysics, prose, poetry and literary criticism.” – Newsweek

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Staying Power – New Edition

The History of Black People in Britain

Peter Fryer. Introduction by Paul Gilroy

The definitive history of black people in Britain, an epic story that spans the Roman conquest to the present day. New introduction by Paul Gilroy.

“For this retrieval of the lost histories of black Britain Mr Fryer has my deep gratitude. An invaluable book, which manages the rare feat of combining scholarship with readability” – Salman Rushdie

“A fascinating account of the growth of the black community in Britain over the past centuries.” – Guardian

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Jewish History, Jewish Religion – New Edition

The Weight of Three Thousand Years

Israel Shahak

New edition of Shahak’s controversial critique of Israel.

“Shahak subjects the whole history of Orthodoxy … to a hilarious and scrupulous critique.” – Christopher Hitchens, The Nation

“The voice of reason is alive and well, and in Israel, of all places. Shahak is the latest – if not the last – of the great prophets.” – Gore Vidal

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Theatre of the Oppressed – New Edition

Augusto Boal

‘Should be read by everyone who has any pretensions to political commitment.’ John Arden

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Catching History on the Wing

Race, Culture and Globalisation

A. Sivanandan

The definitive collection of A. Sivanandan’s writing.

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